Chicago: 1 (773) 774 - 8855
New York: 1 (908) 352 - 9100

What we do

kontenery_front.jpg- Special orders
- Large/spacious shipments
- Residence relocations
- Shipments based on weight and size
- Full cargo container shipments

For residence relocations, you can ship all your personal belongings and car in the same container.

Commercial shipments: farming equipment, computers, copying machines, washers, dryers, space heaters, office supplies, building materials, furniture, ladders, electronic garage door opening mechanisms, aluminum siding, mattresses, boats, boilers, jet-ski’s, etc.

Commercial shipments from any location in the US
- We provide a cargo container to any US location
- We deliver the container to any location in Poland

Shipping cars and motorcycles in cargo containers to Warsaw and Gdynia, Poland.